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December 31, 1969


Updated 2010 Florida Condominium, Co-Op and HOA Statutes:

Chapter 718 Condominiums - View More
Chapter 719 Cooperatives - View More
Chapter 719 Cooperatives - View More
Becker & Poliakoff analysis of changes to 2010 Condominium Act - View More

The Florida Condo/HOA Law Blog

The Florida Condo/HOA Law Blog is an excellent resource published by Becker & Poliakoff, PA, one of the nation's first firms to practice shared ownership community law. It covers current legal topics facing SOCs throughout Florida.

Gary Poliakoff's Weekly Newspaper Column

Gary Poliakoff's weekly newspaper column answers questions from owners about living and serving in a shared ownership community.

Gary A. Poliakoff's Disaster Planning and Recovery Manual

Community Associations Institute

CAI is a national membership organization that represents homeowner and condominium associations, providing education, tools and resources to the homeowner leaders and professionals involved in the governance and management of shared ownership communities.

Community Associations Network

The Community Associations Network is a public Internet resource for community associations and the people and firms who work with them. The site is a wealth of resources and information for officers, directors and unit owners.

Butt Out!: Controlling Environmental Tobacco Smoke in Condominiums

An ABA-published article by Cara L. Thomas that discusses the current state of the laws regarding environmental tobacco smoke (or secondhand smoke) and it's effect on shared ownership communities.

Daniel Vasquez Blog

Sun Sentinel reporter Daniel Vasquez writes a regular blog on condominium issues, as well as weekly articles covering all aspects of SOC living.

Property Manger Pages

A premier publisher of reference directories and websites for the property management industry. Content includes do's & don'ts, state-specific legal information and a valuable directory of all the types of vendors that property managers need.