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December 31, 1969


November 10, 2009 | Exceptional book - A Must Have for Your Personal Library

This book is an educational, engaging and humorous presentation of various community association issues affecting residents, board members and managers alike. The humorous spin and real life anecdotes provide the reader with the ability to understand and appreciate the complex, yet essential, issues concerning home, condominium and/or co-op ownership.

JoAnn Burnett "JoAnn Burnett" (Florida) - See all my reviews

October 26, 2009 | Must Read and a Must Share

The Poliakoff team perfectly meshed their strengths to create a unique and valuable resource for anybody considering living in shared ownership housing. The authors use their expertise to provide important insight into the benefits and drawbacks of community living and explain the often confusing concepts in easy to understand language with humor and real-life examples.

Potential purchasers can educate themselves on the type of property that they are buying while current owners can understand their rights and responsibilities as a member of the housing community. New Neighborhoods is a must read and a must share with any current or future owner, Board of Director, or real estate professional desiring to be educated and entertained on condominium, cooperative, and homeowners associations.

Cara Thomas (Fort Lauderdale, FL) - See all my reviews

September 4, 2009 | A Perfect Book For Me

Living in a HOA community for the first time in my life, this book was an educational eye-opener.I strongly urge anyone who is either living now or considering living in one of the communities mentioned on the cover of the book New Neighborhoods to buy this book. The format is inviting and the information is easily understood. The value was many times greater than what I paid for the book. I do not understand how Frances Beard's review called this book "Milk Toast". It addressed many issues in many areas, giving me more information than I expected. I have no fight with my board. I just wanted to know my rights as a condo owner and to become aware of various situations that I did not know existed in these types of communities and what could be done about them if they did come up. I am grateful to the Poliakoff's for writing this book because for a very small investment I feel I have received a wealth of legal information. Can't beat that!

Dyanna Jamiel (Davie, Florida) - See all my reviews

August 24, 2009 | New Neighborhoods-The low down on Condos, Co-ops and HOAs.

At last, New Neighborhoods, The Consumers Guide to Condominium, Co-op and HOA Living is the ideal introduction for everybody considering living in a shared ownership community. It describes the advantages and the responsibilities and it explains why the owners must be actively involved in the management.

The book achieves the delicate balance between reflecting the obvious expertise of the authors and the danger of being too legalistic. In fact the information in this book will be of direct value throughout the United States even though the specific laws vary from state to state. This is not a legal reference.

This book should be required reading for every potential buyer and for every person on the board of directors. It is exceedingly well written, is easy to read, and is truly informative. These opinions are based on 20 years experience in the field.

Harry Charles (Cocoa Beach, FL USA) - See all my reviews

August 10, 2009 | A must read for anyone considering condo living

New Neighborhoods is written by experts on living in a Co-op, HOA and condo living and gives you a great insight into how living in a home governed by an association affects you. This book is really an eye opener if you are considering condo living, things you may never have thought of are all covered in this easy to read, detailed book. Communication is key, when a condo buyer doesn't feel fully informed, it breeds unhappiness. Avoid any mis-communications, lack of information and any questions you might have by picking up a copy of this book.

I learned that in the United States over 60 million people live in shared ownership communities! This book can help anyone who does live in a shared ownership community to understand and know what their rights and their obligations are in this type of living environment. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of shared owner ship and use this knowledge to make an educated decision on if this is for you and your family.

This book is a must read before you make a decision on that condo!

Michelle Dunn "Columnist, author, credit expe... (NH) - See all my reviews

July 27, 2009 | Should be Read before Embarking in Condo/Co-Op Living

As a current condominium owner and former board member of the HOA, reading "New Neighborhoods" by Gary A. Poliakoff and Ryan Poliakoff confirmed the importance of acquiring knowledge before considering this type of living arrangement. This book is certainly one that any prospective buyer or anyone that is embarking on co-op living should read before signing the contract.

There is glory in having all the amenities of condo/co-op complex living - grounds maintenance, exterior building upkeep, use of pool/recreation area; however, there is also a payback. The rates could be high, or in some cases nothing is covered by the dues. Parking can be an issue as well as noisy neighbors. The HOA can impose its own rules, sometimes totally irrational or one-sided. On the other hand, the rules keep the complex at the certain standard and if you don't want to conform to those rules/standards, then this type of living is not for you.

The authors give a very concise but comprehensive look into complex living. They cover an area that most prospective buyers don't even consider - the role of the developer and the original filed documents. They also cover the role of the HOA and the rules that can be imposed (or changed) at any time, the owner's rights and responsibilities, and legal conditions. Although condo or co-op living may sound attractive, it is not like owning your own home on your own property. However, if you know all this, condo living can be very rewarding. Personally, I prefer it. We've owned our own free-standing homes for almost 40 years and moving into a condo gave us the freedom of having amenities like yard maintenance, great neighborhood, and quiet neighbors. It is important to be clear what it is you expect in condo living and "New Neighborhoods" by Gary A. Poliakoff and Ryan Polialkoff is the perfect book to read before making that final decision. This is also a perfect book for real-estate sellers to provide to their prospective buyers.

Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (Austin, Texas) - See all my reviews

July 22, 2009 | New Neighborhoods

I just finished your new book New Neighborhoods I must commend you on the down to earth language and the examples used to get your point across. My opinion is that every realtor should make it available to new buyer's also maybe the division should let people know it is available by putting a link on their web site for educational reasons I think if everyone read the book then boards and the division would probably have fewer resident issues to deal with.

Very impressed and congratulations to you and your son.

Roger Kesselbach (East Central Florida) - See all my reviews

July 18, 2009 | A great book for anyone in a condo, HOA or co-op

I am the vice president of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents. Not only was this book a valuable resource, but also a great read. As an insurance agent for over 25 years in Florida, many of the issues addressed in the book have been situations we come across everyday. With so many gray areas with regards to who covers what, not only is it important to understand your obligations but also those of the association. I started my post college life in a "normal" residential community, I "stepped" up to a HOA in a new single family home community. I soon after realized, when I tried to paint my house, how limited my rights where. I am now a resident in a high rise in south Florida and have learned to accept that "love thy neighbor" has a whole new meaning, you no longer need to love them or even like them, but you need to know you are "partners" with them and the old adage stands true, partner-"ships" are the toughest "ships" to sail.

As the Poliakoff's say, read your governing documents, I say read the book first!

Brian Marino - See all my reviews